Tape Extension Remover  & Clarifying Shampoo

Tape Extension Remover & Clarifying Shampoo


Need to remove your taped hair extensions but can’t wait for a salon appointment? Hello Beauty’s Bond Remover gets to work instantly, removing the sticky texture associated with tape extensions.

The best part? Instead of the harsh chemical scent that most bond removers have, ours is lightly fragranced with the dreamy scent of coconut.


Enjoy a complimentary bottle of our Clarifying Shampoo with every purchase!


Directions for use:

Spray our solution directly on to the tape glue and watch it begin to break down instantly. Remove the tape, and comb out any residue. Follow by washing your hair with our lightweight Clarifying Shampoo.

*Only use this bond remover with taped hair extensions.

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amazing product

this product is amazing, smells incredible and gives such a long last even tan. I find it really hard to find a tan that lasts and looks even on my legs but this was perfect and looked amazing with just one application. deffo recommend

I recommend this product.

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