Tan Eraser - Scented Baby Powder

Tan Eraser - Scented Baby Powder


In just five minutes, our gentle tan eraser effortlessly removes fake tan without excess scrubbing. With a subtle fragrance of baby powder, your skin will feel & smell fresh!

  • How To Apply

    Shake the bottle well before applying the product to an exfoliating glove, gently spreading it all over the body. Leave this for five minutes, and the lather will begin to change colour as the tan is removed. Gently exfoliate afterwards to reveal clean and silky skin! This process can be repeated if necessary.

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11/10/2021, 1:31:06 PM

amazing product

this product is amazing, smells incredible and gives such a long last even tan. I find it really hard to find a tan that lasts and looks even on my legs but this was perfect and looked amazing with just one application. deffo recommend

I recommend this product.

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